Shiny, shiny beads

I’ve been obsessing over shiny beads lately, based on Debbie Crothers’ embellished beads tutorial. I also got her liquid clay tutorial, which has so many tips on how to use Kato liquid clay to produce a fabulously shiny bead. I’ve been experimenting on different things mixed into the liquid clay as well. Some have worked well, some, not so much!

Blue polymer clay beads: The Beaded BazaarRed polymer clay beads: The Beaded Bazaar

Red and blue beads

I tried to stick to some color schemes with the vague idea of stringing them together to make necklaces. There’s a red lot and blue, what I started with. I also tried some simple black and gold beads. Lastly, my favorite, peacock colors in burnished gold, blue and green! I’m trying to think of a good focal for the peacock colors, I think the beads have the potential for a lovely statement necklace. I might also add some purple beads.

Black and gold polymer clay beads: The Beaded BazaarPeacock color polymer clay beads: The Beaded Bazaar

Black and gold beads (L); Peacock beads (R)

I love the look of these black and gold beads as well! The black ones were supposed to be just for practice, but I love their simple look. I think I might make them into a simple necklace. The giant burnished gold ones are hollow! I think those would be great with some ribbon maybe? I’m not sure how to string these up.

I managed to string the red beads together to create a nice chunky necklace. Large Ultralight clay beads make sure it’s not too heavy. I really do like this one! It’s a touch too big for me, but I’m still tempted to keep it.

Red beads necklace: The Beaded Bazaar

Red rose necklace

For a touch of cuteness, here are some holiday themed miniatures I’ve been working on. I plan to put these on my monitors at work! I know I have a wee Christmas tree somewhere as well, which I’ll have to dig out!

Winter miniatures: The Beaded Bazaar

Winter miniatures

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