Peacock pendants

I didn’t get a whole lotta claying done this past couple of week. I wouldn’t say I’ve lost my inspiration…but maybe I’ve lost my clay mojo? I usually have a billion ideas swirling in my head and a million projects ongoing. And of course there’ll be tutorials that I HAVE to buy right away and try out right away. There’ve been so many times when I’ve woken up, turned on my TV, sat at my clay spot just start making things! And before I knew it, I’d’ve blitzed through entire seasons and forgotten about lunch. But lately I haven’t had the drive for such claying marathons.

Not that that’s a bad thing necessarily. I suppose choosing to vacuum over building a cane is a sign of growing up! Also, the weather has been getting steadily hotter here in the Pacific Northwest. For someone who essentially grew up in a ridiculously hot place, I really despise summers. I tend to just flop on my couch with two fans pointing at me and not move for long periods of time! But it’s almost August, so fall (my favorite season!) will be here before I know it!

Now all this isn’t to say I didn’t make anything. I can’t stay away from my clay table for very long even if I don’t have the mood or energy for marathons. I made a couple of peacock pendants following Chris Kopano’s PCA tutorial. It was great fun! She recommends using foil backed glass cabochons for these, but I didn’t have any on hand. So I tried a couple of different things. I used a large glass pebble for one and a mini Cabezel filled with Pebeo Prisme paint for another. For the third, I simply poked a ball tool in the middle and filled that with Prisme paints. I wanted to add resin on the Pebeo paints to simulate a cabochon, which works quite well for the Cabezel, but didn’t dome nicely for the other one. So I had to cover the whole piece with resin.


While I do love these, I still feel like there’s something better I could use for the center cab. I could do away with it completely of course, but I really love the way it draws the eye and makes the whole piece seem richer somehow. I spent a good amount of time searching for foil backed cabs but didn’t find any I liked. Patricia Roberts-Thompson posted a piece she made with a rivoli crystal in the center and that looked lovely. So I’ve ordered some of those.

I was mulling over ideas on how to create my own cabs with translucent clay when an idea struck me, why not try casting some resin cabs? So I went off and mixed some resin and added some blue alcohol ink to it. I quite like these set of cabochons. They’re the right size and while casting is a fairly time consuming process, I can make as many as I like in any color I want. I also experimented with adding some glitter for a brighter effect, which was kinda cool as well.


I tried these out in the oven and while the cab itself retained its shape, the lovely blue disappeared and color turned kind of yellow. I’ve heard of resin yellowing when baked but didn’t realize the ink coloring would basically vanish. I simply painted over the surface with some blue ink and protected the entire surface with some Pym ii. Well actually I thought I was spraying Pym ii but that turned out to be Triple Thick spray varnish! So far the surface hasn’t gotten tacky or anything, but it’s been barely 48 hours! So I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


I haven’t been caning very much lately, which makes me sad. But I did manage a zig-zag cane from Deb Hart’s CraftArtEdu class. I have to say, it’s a lot more work than I anticipated! I decided to follow the instructions exactly, so I mixed up about 8 custom shades of clay, made several skinner blends and built a bunch of base canes. Then there was all the artful slicing and arranging. I used all Kato clay after a long time and it seemed that each color was at a markedly different consistency. So it wasn’t the most fun making it all come together. But the final cane are quite cool I think. I haven’t made a multicolor pattern like this in a long time. Here are some hollow beads with the chevron veneer.


I have a couple of more things I’d like to talk about, but I want to break out of the cycle of super long posts once a month! So I’m going to leave it for next time!

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