Catching up

Can we pretend I didn’t miss a week or two here?! I finally got back to clay last week, but as usual was working on bits and pieces of everything, so no complete piece for last week. This week, I was all set to make something when I realized I’d signed up for a Hamsa swap a long time back. Now this swap was a bit different in that we were given the theme last month but were given our partners only this week. I suppose the idea is that you work away at your swap pieces and have them ready to mail the minute you get your partners.

I usually like to see if I can detect any details about my swap partners so I can try and make something they might like. So I was happily cooling my heels till my partners were assigned. But the others were a lot smarter than me and had their swaps in the mail within a day of getting the assignments! Eep! So I dashed off a quick apology email about the delay in my pieces and sat about making me some hamsas.

I don’t want to give away the pieces that I made yet, I like it to be a (hopefully good!) surprise for my swap buddies! So I’m not going to show the pieces I actually will mail next week. But here are some “test” hamsas I made. The zendoodle one was especially fun! I just baked a plain white piece, picked up a pen and started doodling! Of course as these things are wont to go, I had like a million designs swirling in my brain right upto the moment I picked up the pen! In a moment of panic, I quickly went to my library website and checked out an ebook on zendoodle! That sparked some ideas!

P1020404 P1020417

Zendoodle hamsa and silkscreened hamsas

I received a HUGE bunch of silkscreens from Tonja over the last month and I was dying to use them! So I went back to my favorite opulent tapestry tutorial and made some opulent hamsas! I used translucent clay and wanted to maintain the see through property so I made them fairly thin. To add some strength, I mixed up some 2 part resin and used that to coat the pieces. Here’s a couple of extras from the batch! The largest one was a bit of an experiment with the colors, and turned out much better than I hoped! I couldn’t bear to part with that one! Look at how pretty it looks with light shining through!


Silkscreened multi-hued hamsa

To make up for all the pieces I’ve just hinted about and not shown yet, here are a big bunch of masks I made for a mask challenge hosted by Katie of KatersAcres. I didn’t win, but had a lot of fun with this! A lot of these are more rushed than I’d like, since I didn’t have a whole lot of time to spend on them. I managed to make one with cane slices added on: I LOVE that leaf cane! While rifling about my supplies cupboard, I found a bunch of stones meant for fabric decorations. Turns out, it works great with polymer clay. And of course I had to make some silkscreened ones!


Masks made for the challenge

I also finally got to use some of the Best Flexible Molds I had lying around in my cupboard for a long time. I LOVE the brown tribal mask one!! That will be made into a keychain for me. The rest of the little ones have magnets snapped on them and some of them have a new home already (yes, alright I gave them to my mom!).

P1020351 P1020353

Mini masks

By next week, my swap partners should’ve hopefully received their packages in one piece, so I can show them off here. I tried my hand at a little sculpting for once, so I’m a bit nervous about it all. In the meantime I’m going to start working on some butterflies for the next swap I’m participating in. I’d like to try some faux cloisonne and stained glass techniques, I think that’d go nicely with the butterfly theme. But I’ll put together some alternate ideas in case that doesn’t work!

3 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. HI Krithka – Lovely work, as usual! Can you tell me what pen you use to Zentangle
    On clay? I’ve tried Sharpies in the past and they smudged, and also I’ve never worked with resin, but am itching to try … Brand you use, please?


    1. Thank you Gail! I used Sakura Pigma Micron pen for the doodling. I think I picked it up based on an article from The Blue Bottle Tree a long time ago on what pen to use on clay (she advises against Sharpies).

      As far as two part resin goes (where there’s measuring and mixing involved) I’ve used EasyCast for the most part since it has a nice 1:1 ratio and is available in most craft stores. I’ve also used Rustoleum Epoxy resin and a brand called Famowood, both of which are available in hardware stores. I do like Famowood, found it easier to work with and it’s available on Amazon.

      For small jewelry size pieces I actually use a UV hardening resin called UltraDome. I have a cheap 36W UV nail lamp and it hardens the resin in about half an hour or so. It’s very convenient when I just have a couple of pieces to cover. It’s much harder to get rid of bubbles with this one, but it domes beautifully and with a microtorch and some practice, you can get a flawless finish.

      Hope that helps! Resin will give the most amazing depth to pieces, especially anything with mica clay!


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