PC challenge 2016 Week 7: Pixelated retro bangle

Another quick post, to show a pixelated bangle for this week’s challenge. This was made for a friend (she has it now) who really liked the retro pattern for some reason! I made another one as well without black and white in between, but felt that was too dark. So I made this one with the contrasts packed in which I liked better. Ironically, she preferred the darker one!

Pixelated retro bangle

Pixelated retro bangle

Here are a bunch of small earrings, made by squishing together tiny pieces of clay for my recycling challenge. These were made using the process I described in my post on scrap clay. As you can see, it pairs nicely with other jewelry made with the same pattern. The picture shows the pendants made using the same mokume gane stack. I was able to put together some nice sets with two or more pairs of earrings and a matching pendant. So hold on to those scraps!

Mokume gane earrings Mokume gane pendants

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