PC challenge 2016 Week 6: Ikat necklace

Real quick update today to show off a long necklace I made. I don’t have a whole lot of time for claying at the moment, so I’m kinda cheating and resurrecting something I made already. But I don’t want to let up on this weekly posting schedule I have going! So it’s my piece for this week’s challenge.

Ikat necklace

Ikat necklace

The necklace has beads with a fine Ikat pattern and black spacer beads. This was custom made for a friend who wanted a long black and white necklace with a finer pattern rather than a bolder one. Initially I’d planned on leaving all the beads as is with no finishing. But since I chose to use shiny black spacers, the matte clay beads looked odd with them. So each bead was sanded and buffed with a coat of Renaissance wax.

Ikat beads

Ikat necklace closeup

For my recycling challenge, I found a bunch of silk screened discs that didn’t get added to the first set of necklaces I made. I’m trying to use them up so I don’t have the lone disc sitting around. I joined three purple ovals using a nail head rivet to make a chunky focal and added some chain to it. I really like this look! It’s bold, yet simple and suitable for every day use. I really like riveting! I’m not sure if I can use that to create a whole necklace, but it’s great to layer components for a single complex piece.

Riveted silkscreened necklace

Riveted silkscreened focal

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