PC challenge 2016 Week 5: Fridge magnets!

Quick change of pace again for the challenge. I have a batch of fridge magnets to show for this week. This is partly because I spent much of this weekend making canes from an old Cane Builder tutorial that had some cupcake and ice cream canes: fridge magnets seemed to be a good use for them. Also made a couple of magnets with the candy slices I made the previous week.

I didn’t want to to use the cane slices as is, so I added them onto a base of glitter clay. After baking, they still seemed to need a little something… So I added resin to just the cane slices to have them pop a little. I really liked that look! I did that with all the magnets I made. You can kinda see some resin that seeped between the ice cream cone slices on one of them. I made another one where I butted up the slices better. Originally the plan was to make a series of magnets of the same size with a single cane slice on each. But I reduced the ice cream cane a little too much, so that was adapted a bit!


Polymer clay fridge magnets

I had great fun with this! I used some scrap slices to make little magnets for myself (the rest are for my mom). When I made the canes, I had no idea how I’d use them. I made them because I really like the shading effect here, with the hint of shadows and light. I’ll definitely be making more of these canes! I think the slices would look great when molded onto a cookie box or candy dish.


Fridge magnets using scrap slices

Also, since I dedicated this post to magnets, here’s an Aspen magnet I made for a friend. We’d visited Aspen last fall to see fall colors there. As with the canes, I didn’t start out planning a magnet. I was playing with some Kor rollers and mica powders, which resulted in a leaf imprinted sheet colored in. As usual I didn’t have the heart to cut apart the (small!) sheet, so used it as is in a magnet.Aspen magnet

Aspen magnet

For my recycling this week, here are a few stud earrings I made with leftover scraps of veneers. Most of these are from my silk screen phase, so there are matching necklaces too!

Polymer clay earrings

Stud earrings

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