PC challenge 2016 Week 4: Out of season Christmas ornaments

I had some visitors over last week after a really long time. What that translated to was clearing up my dining table and the chairs and put away the packages of clay, bits n pieces of canes, cutters etc so that people could actually sit on the chairs (without getting poked by a stray cutter) and eat some food placed on the table. While I was doing that, I came across some Christmas ornament projects in various stages of abandonment.

At first I threw the plain cube one into a pile of other Christmas stuff I needed to pack away. But then I found the canes I’d prepped to cover it, and the other partly covered ornaments and decided to finish them up one way or another. There was a brief period of stress, where I covered two sides with the same cane but wanted to cover the remaining sides with different canes. I wrung my hands over the asymmetry of it all and contemplated making a couple of new canes (I didn’t have 6 different canes or enough of the available canes to divide evenly over 6 sides). Finally I decided that it didn’t matter what I did, since I was making it for me. Also, one side would be hidden from view anyway, and you know what, the repeated pattern is pretty darn nice!

Caned cube ornament Cube ornament Cube ornaments blue sides

Cube ornament with cane slices

So I covered two sides with a blue gemstone cane, one with a green gemstone cane and another with a green 3D cane I made last week. I debated using plain clay, or even paint for the top and bottom. After getting ready to cover the remaining sides with glittery clay (I LOVE the new Premo glitter clay) I went and looked at my cane stash. I found a green and yellow gemstone cane reduced to teeny tiny proportions (can you even tell that it’s a gemstone pattern?) and an extruded blue 3D pop cane. Since this matched the color way I had, I went with slices of these for the remaining sides of the ornament.

I also finished up this tie dye caned one. Well it’s supposed to be tie dye. I like the colorful pattern, and it looks decent with bits n pieces of whole slices crammed into any gaps (I still haven’t figured out a perfect way to cover a round ornament with square slices). I had about six leftover slices of the blue cane lying about, so those went on a tiny ornament.

Blue and white caned ornament Tie dye ornament

Round ornaments covered with cane slices

Finally here’s an improvement on the symbolic style ornament. I started this a while ago, it took a while to color in. Since I wanted two distinct colors, I had to antique carefully in stages. It took a long time and buckets of patience. While I’m happy with the result, I’m not going to be attempting this technique on such a large scale again!

Molded ornament

Molded ornament

I’m skipping the recycling part of my challenge for the week. Partly because using up the old canes and clearing my work space of things counts as recycling in my head. Also, I did pull out a box of beads intending to use them in something simple, only to realize there were enough beads for a necklace and a half in there. I have the beads laid down on my bead board and I’m trying to decide on some pattern that’ll let me get away with NOT making any additional beads. One idea is to make one regular sized necklace, about 22 inches long and one shorter necklace finished up with cord or chain for the beadless portion. Another idea is to just use all of the beads and make a loooong necklace. I haven’t decided on either route yet. Here’s a picture of my bead board. If anyone has any ideas, please leave a comment! Putting together jewelry is NOT one of my strengths.

Bead board

I spent a significant amount of time this week working on my swap pieces. I can’t share any details yet, since I’m still finishing them up (gah, sanding!). I’m aiming to send them out this week, so hopefully I should be able to talk about them soon!

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