Polymer clay challenge week 2: Silk screened bangle

It’s week 2 of the Polymer Clay Challenge! I’m liking this already. It’s ensuring that I blog once a week at least with smaller snippets instead of waiting forever and collecting about thirty pieces to photograph and process. Well that’s the plan at least! Not going very well at the moment seeing that I was already late with the very first post.

I mentioned before that taking pictures is challenging. I have a complicated light setup with a big photo cube and lights clipped to bookends and balanced precariously with heavy candles! It takes a while to set up and pack away, so I need a few hours of dedicated time for it. But I have a positively tiny photo tent on the way right now. I’m hoping I’ll be able to set that up very quickly and my kitchen light will be enough. We’ll see how that works out!

Onwards then to my piece for this week. I had actually planned on making a different piece altogether (that will be shifted to next week now). But I had this pink-purple blend sitting around my work surface. I’m trying to keep my work area cleaner, so I decided to use that blend and clear up some space. I was debating what I could use it for when I remembered the new silk screens I received from Polymer Clay TV. I’d been meaning to try a silk screened bangle for a while, Teresa has a very simple tutorial on this. So some experimenting later, ta da!


Silk screened bangle

I really like the look of this! I used printed paper templates for the wavy edge, for some extra pizzazz. I usually cover the back and sides of such bangles with a thin layer of textured clay, but wasn’t sure how I could do that neatly with this shape and surface treatment. So I just applied some gold PanPastel along the edges and on the back (it was a terrible muddy color that I couldn’t possible leave as is). After baking it, I sealed the whole thing with PYM ii. I’d planned to glaze it after the PYM layer, but I like the sheen, so decided against it.

Also, for the recycling part of my challenge, I had some circular cutouts leftover from making a domed frame on the hollow bead maker. I pushed the baked pieces on to a raw sheet of clay, cut them out and rebaked the whole lot. Then I just attached some earring posts to them. They make great chunky earrings! Full disclosure: this wasn’t my idea. I had a couple of friends over looking over my jewelry collection to pick out things they liked. While digging through my scrap bucket, one of them found the little discs and suggested using them for studs. I’d planned on throwing them away at some point, so figured why not give it a try, and am I glad I did!


I have a bunch of bangles and necklaces I made on request for these friends, I’ll be posting pictures of those soon!

7 thoughts on “Polymer clay challenge week 2: Silk screened bangle

      1. Thank you very much, your comment made my day (or rather week)! I feel like a total color amateur most of the time, I can’t picture what goes well together. The bangle was pretty much a happy accident.

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      2. I am happy that you liked my comment. It was from the heart. I loved all your color combinations and it has to do more with the feeling than with theory. I think you are very lucky to feel the colors the way you do (I adore the way you combine colors). I do the color combinations instinctively, but I rarely manage to make combinations like yours. My best to you! Mihaela


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